Portion Control Plate and Graduated Bowl for Perfect Diet Control.

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 Questions and Answers

How does the portion control method work?
The method is simple and easy: Just eat your favorite foods and make sure they fit the guidelines on your plate or bowl! No studying books, no counting points, no tracking calories and no weighing ingredients – just follow the directions on the box. Most importantly, it works: smaller portions mean fewer calories, which means you lose weight. The system also encourages healthy eating. We organize common food by food group so that you get optimal nutrition. Don’t just eat less; eat smart with

us! There are zero health risks because this is the natural way to lose weight. Buy now and you’ll be amazed at how effortless it is to finally get your weight and nutrition under control.

Is the portion control system for me?
This system is designed for anyone who is unhappy with their current diet. Do you want to lose weight? Are you trying to maintain a healthy weight? Do you want to stop overeating? Do you have diabetes? Do you just want to put more focus on healthy and balanced meals? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the portion control system is for you!

How do I know that this system works?
The SatisfrAction Portion Control Plate and Bowl system was designed by a registered dietician, and it is recommended by many experts. It has been proven to be a simple and effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Just try it, and you’ll quickly see how well it works!

What does the SatisfrAction system include?
Our system includes a set of two specially designed dishes with a simple guide on the box that will let you eat without counting calories or weighing food. The meal plate has visual cues so that you can build a perfectly balanced meal at a glance. The bowl includes measurements in milliliters and cups for cereal, snacks, soups and even desserts.

Why can’t I just use my own smaller plates at home?
There’s no reason you can’t use your own plates, but think about how many times you’ve just grabbed a huge dinner plate out of habit. We know how hard it is to break a bad habit, and that’s why we think our plate will give you that extra reminder. Plus, our plate has integrated visuals that are specifically calibrated to show optimal portion control, including divisions for all the necessary food groups. Our plate won’t just help you eat less; it helps you eat better.

Can’t I use a measuring cup?
Yes, you can measure out everything you eat, but then you’ll dirty up a measuring cup and your bowl. That’s twice the cleaning work of simply using our bowl with its own measurements. Plus, whether you’re half-asleep in the morning or rushed in the middle of the day, our bowl ensures that you won’t forget to measure your portions!

Can’t I just use the general guidelines for serving sizes and try to control my portions?
Yes, you can, but studies show that, most of the time, people aren’t able to accurately judge portions. Are you just eyeballing that steak? Using just your eyes to judge portion size can lead to errors, especially when people learn to ignore the cues their stomachs send when they’re full. And errors in judging portions increase as the portion gets larger, if there’s easy access to food, if the food looks or smells good or even if food is served in a pleasant environment! It’s called the portion distortion phenomenon, and you can’t let it sabotage your weight loss efforts anymore. The SatisfrAction system trains you to recognize what a proper serving size looks and feels like. We take the guesswork out of play. Try us, and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Why would the SatisfrAction system help people with diabetes?
Weight is an important factor in managing diabetes, and we know that portion control is vital to weight management. If you have type II diabetes, even a small weight loss can improve glycemic control. In fact, in 2007, the University of Calgary compared two groups of patients with type II diabetes. One group received standard dietary guidance, and the other group used a portion control plate much like the SatisfrAction plate. After six months, the group with the portion control plate had not only lost significantly more weight, but they had also decreased their dependence on their medication regimen.

I already follow a weight loss program, and I also exercise. Why would I need SatisfrAction?
Every successful weight management program starts with proper portion control. The SatisfrAction Portion Control Plate and Bowl can work along with your other diet systems, and most importantly it will keep you on track once your diet program has been completed. We know that keeping a healthy weight requires lifestyle changes.

So how do I follow this weight loss method?
The SatisfrAction Kit is the only information you will need to start your first step towards a healthier you! If you follow our directions to learn proper portion control and balance your diet, the weight will come off naturally.

How do I use the plate for mixed foods like pasta or stir fry?
We recommend that you use your SatisfrAction Portion Bowl to measure the ingredients before you cook them together, which will make sure that you have enough proteins and vegetables per serving. If you’re not the cook or you’re just not sure, the best option is to use half of the plate for your mixed meal and then just load up the rest of the plate with fruits and vegetables.

Where did you get the name "SatisfrAction"?
SatisfrAction stands for Taking Action, Eating in Fractions with Satisfaction!

What materials do you use for the bowl and plate?
The Portion Control Plate and Bowl are both 100 percent melamine. They are dishwasher safe but not microwavable.

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