Distributors – Retailers – Health Partners

If you would like to become a distributer or reseller of our products, we would like to discuss business opportunities with you! We offer great incentives, discounts and commission for our partners!

Help make the world a healthier place while putting some extra money in your pocket!

Our products would be perfect for:

- Retailers like health food stores, high-end grocery and fruits and vegetable stores, pharmacies and book stores

- Wholesalers, catalogues, web retailers and independent sales representatives

-Dietitians, nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors, nurses, diabetic educators or any other health care professionals

-Weight loss or bariatric surgery clinics

-Fitness clubs, spas or wellness centers

-Professional trainers and coaches

-Companies offering health and wellness programs, courses and gifts for employees or clients

-Hospitals and government agencies that want to institute healthy dietary guidelines

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